Future Boys & Girls
We are excited to build upon the success of the 2015-2016 school year at Franklin Middle School. One of the huge success stories from last school year is The Futureboys and The Futuregirls program that changed the world with a song. Founder Michael Bratsch states, "We humbly, but confidently can say we have one of the top educational programs in the nation right now, simply because we are student-focused and the program successfully breaks down the barriers that sometimes get in the way of students success." The support in academic learning, socio-emotional growth, and leadership skills that are embedded in the Futureboys and Futuregirls curriculum and program gives students the opportunity to learn and succeed at a very high level.

Franklin's Principal Karon Cunningham is a leader that encourages innovation and leads the charge in knowing the impact of a S.T.E.A.M. school which also promotes the arts in the curriculum and across content areas. We are looking forward to another amazing school year where students can explore, discover, and develop their awesome gifts and talents!

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