What does it mean to be a responsible Media Center Patron?

General Visiting Rules

1. Students must have a pass if they are are not with a teacher.

2. Keep your voices at a low volume and your bodies calm. 

3. No food or beverages in the media center.

4. Students are allowed to check out one book at a time for two weeks. 

5. Clean up after yourselves before leaving the media center. 


Patron Responsibilities

By checking out items from the media center, you are establishing that you:

  • are responsible for materials checked out to you.
  • will pay for or replace lost or damaged books or materials. 
  • will secure all materials checked out to you in a safe place.
  • will NOT leave books or materials in teachers’ classrooms. If you decide to do so, you will be doing this AT YOUR OWN RISK. Teachers are NOT responsible for the materials or books checked out to students who leave them in classrooms.
  • will return all materials to the media center. You should NOT give them to other students or teachers to hand in.

Please and Thank You!


PDF Welcome Letter 2017-2018   --  This letter is mandatory for students and their families to read before they decide to check out a book.